About us

The FORNACESILA.COM brickyard has been producing hand-made bricks and many other terracotta products since 1957. It carries on a family tradition dating back to the 18th century, which is a true passion cultivated over the years and developed through the study of materials and different types of processing.

The study and planning of processing techniques, which are the same ones used since the first applications of clay in the construction sector, were guided by the lure of ancient art and the charm of past works.

The FORNACESILA.COM production thus follows the ancient models and, in addition to bricks, produces also terracotta frames of various shapes, curved tiles, perforated blocks and any other product required according to customer requirements.

Production flexibility has allowed our company to supply suitable material for the restoration of important public works and refined conservative restoration works in the private building sector, promoting a natural tendency towards the search for new and original finishing of ‘handmade’.

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